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General terms of use for the online learning platform »Moodle« at LMU Munich

The following terms are valid for all users of the learning platform moodle at LMU Munich, including university affiliates and users of guest accounts. Usage of the learning platform moodle is approved by the LMU data protection officer.

Storage of personal information

The following personal data need to be electronically stored for the creation of a personal account on the learning platform moodle.
  • Login name
  • Last name and first name
  • E-mail address
  • Place of residence
  • Country
  • ID number (2)
  • PersonScopedAffiliation (3)
  • University (4)
  • Faculty (5)
These data are subject to the applicable data protection rules.
As the learning platform moodle is connected to the university´s central identity management, login names and passwords of LMU affiliates correspond to the data stored at the central identity management and cannot be changed.
External users can request an external account. The login data include a user name and an automatically generated password, which must be changed upon the user´s first login.
Users have the right to be informed, without charge, about stored personal information upon written request.
Personal information is not passed on to third parties. An exception exists when users have explicitly permitted disclosure of their data or when disclosure is necessary because of legal regulations.
People involved in the administration of the learning platform moodle as well as the identity management server and web server can, according to their function, access all personal information stored in the system. This information is only processed when and if this should be required for the operation of the learning platform moodle.

Deletion of personal information

Users have the right to have incorrect data corrected, blocked or deleted upon written request.

Personal information is stored for a period of two years after termination of use and is then permanently deleted. Moodle courses and their content are deleted after two years at the earliest, in order to facilitate assessing potential student complaints submitted belatedly.

Storage of further information

On request of a web file within the learning platform moodle the following access information is saved.
  • IP address of the accessing client
  • Date and time of the access
  • Accessed web page
  • Return status code of the web server to the request
  • Size of the delivered file
  • Website that links to the distributing web page ("Referer")
  • Browser type identification transferred by the web browser
  • In case of an error: error message issued by the web server
These data are exclusively saved for technical and statistical purposes. The information, not even parts of it, is not matched to further databases or passed on to third parties. Neither people in charge of courses (e. g. teachers) nor other course participants can access these data. All data transfer is performed under secure conditions.

In addition, all information stated optionally by the user as well as data arising from platform usage is stored. These include personal contributions to forums, blogs and wikis. These data can be used by teachers and participants only for teaching and learning purposes for the completion of tasks within the course.

Storage of examination data

Examination data may not exclusively be stored on the learning platform moodle, as moodle does not provide an archiving function. Data that refer to a user must be allocated to the respective registered user and are lost when the moodle data bank is deleted; thus storage of data for the period of time stipulated is not ensured.

Deletion of data

Moodle courses and their content are deleted after two years at the earliest. This time frame arises from the following reasons:
  1. Students can access study relevant materials even after the end of the respective term.
  2. Potential belated student complaints can be better assessed.

Usage of cookies

Cookies (short text information) are used in moodle in two forms:
  • Moodle ID: if this cookie is used, the login name is saved upon first usage and is saved on the moodle platform even after logout. The login name is then displayed automatically for the next login. Usage of this cookie is optional.
  • Moodle Session: This cookie is necessary for the login to persist when the next page of the moodle page is accessed. This cookie is deleted as soon as the web browser is deleted or the user logs out of the moodle platform. Usage of this cookie is mandatory.


All materials accessible from the learning platform moodle are protected by copyright, as long as nothing else is explicitly stated. This means that moodle content is designated for personal use and may not be passed on to third parties nor may it be reproduced or changed. This is also true for material that was created by single or multiple users during a course.
All users agree that personally created materials may be used for course purposes. As operator of the learning platform moodle, LMU Munich is freed from claims of third parties arising from the noncompliance with copyright.

General usage responsibilities

By registering the user is granted a non-transferable, simple usage right for the learning platform moodle. Activities performed on the platform include exclusively the creation and completion of moodle courses at LMU Munich and internal communication between teachers and students. Any other private or commercial use is expressly prohibited. Storage space made available to the user is exclusively designed for the storage of content created for moodle.
All users are obliged to keep information on other participants they can access strictly confidential and must not pass this information on to third parties. Only written consent of the respectively concerned person can constitute an exclusion to this rule. All users of the learning platform moodle may not delete, suppress or change data unauthorizedly. Data may not be used for purposes other than specified above.

In addition, users are obliged to adhere to the provisions of the law in general as well as concerning copyright and data protection. When creating links to external web pages, users have to check that these do not display illicit content.

Users may not put illicit, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, libelous, insulting, threatening, race baiting or racist content on the learning platform. It is also prohibited to put advertisements of any kind on moodle, to transfer information containing viruses, errors, manipulations or any other similar harmful element and to upload content that may be harmful to the reputation of LMU Munich.

Exclusion from usage

If a user offends the terms of use, he or she is asked to abandon his or her behavior. If he or she does not follow this request, he or she is excluded from use of the learning platform for a certain period of time or permanently by the administrators of the moodle platform or the university. The user does not have a claim for readmission. A requirement for readmission is, among others, a written request containing a statement that the abusive behavior will, in the future, be refrained from.

Liability of LMU

LMU Munich is, as operator of the learning platform moodle, only liable for grossly negligent and intentionally committed violations of duty. This is especially true for damages occurring because of download of software or material.

Liability of the user

If a user non-accidently violates the terms of use or legal duties, he or she is liable according to legal regulations.

Changes in the terms of use

The LMU reserves the right to make ammendments to or change the terms of use.
Any changes in the terms of use will be announced in written form on the learning platform moodle including a reference to where the changes can be accessed.

Legal effect

These terms of use are to be seen as part of the internet platform that links to this page. Should parts or specific phrases not correspond to the current legal situation, the rest of the document will not be affected by this in content or validity.

Consent to data protection regulations

I am familiar with the information concerning data protection and the terms of use and herewith accept them.
I have taken note of the fact that compulsory personal data are processed when I use the learning platform moodle.
I give my consent to the processing of data saved in my »personal profile« and of contributions that I disclose under my name. I also give consent to the processing of data that arise from my participation in one or several moodle courses.
This consent can be reviewed on the learning platform moodle´s start page at any time.

(2),(3) Both numbers include information on the affiliation to LMU Munich, originate from central identity management and are only valid for university affiliates.

(4) The data originate from central identity management.

(5) The data originate from central identity management.

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