Knowledge infrastructure for occupational safety and health

All physical and non-physical facilities that support the creation of, access to and dissemination of reliable information (knowledge) on occupational safety and health to experts, workers and companies, such as: the creation of knowledge by research; publication of results in journals, websites, reports and books; development of knowledge products such as reviews, guidelines, protocols, instruments, criteria documents and norms; storage in and access to (virtual, online) libraries or other repositories; education and training; knowledge transfer (dissemination) by congresses and meetings, by quality websites, and in print and by answering questions (e.g. helpdesks, online Q&A facilities).

The ultimate goal is to provide good accessible and understandable, relevant, evidence-based information and tools for workers and management/employers, so that they have access when and where they need it in order to use this information to make informed decisions about health and safety at work.

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